Where it always go wrong: a list of common real estate problems in buying

Buying a house will be exciting because you are fulfilling a part of your dream. However, house hunting can be stressful and being critical about it is necessary because it is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life and it might even still have an impact towards you and your family even after years from the purchasing date.

Of course, buying a house isn’t always perfect for everyone so we have compiled list of the most common mishaps from in buying a house so that you can avoid them too:

Buying a house can be really frustrating and it should be because it is a decision that you will be stuck with for a long time. It’s not the same as buying the clothes you like, appliances you need, or food that you can just throw away if you don’t like. When picking a house, you need to really think about all your goals and financial position for both the short term and long term. Your goals should include your children especially their studies and safety. So please do observe and understand the neighbourhood and schools near the area, and lastly, check the crime rate.

Do not hurry and always look at what you have, how much can you possibly borrow and how long will you be paying it because it will all be in your shoulders once you make the purchase. So, make an outline or plan for the present and for the future because one mistake can cost you a lot physically and mentally. Also, if you are planning on having a loan, please get it pre-approved so that you could lessen the hassle for you and the seller.

The market tries to emulate beauty and luxury at all times, and these often lead to fast sale. People always go with what catches their eyes but, does it have all your needs? For the most part, it depends on how big your family is. When buying a house never go for just the beauty or luxury, go for practicality because we are growing older, and we will never know when our next chance of buying a house is. Always look at houses with your necessities in mind because if you do not, you might end up having a bad case of regret or buyer’s remorse.

Having a house that can cater to all your needs is very important because you will be stuck with it for years and it might end up taking a toll on your mental health so, in buying a property, always make your decisions count because it is a decision that will give you the happiest years of your life or the opposite.

Us, adults really don’t have much time to look at houses for sale because we are busy at work. Most of us buy properties out of sheer desperation and frustration because we want it all to end already but, are you sure that you will be happy with your decision?

Please never ever buy out of frustration because your family’s future depends on it as well. Yes, the stress of it can devour you but, what I can suggest is that you should take time to rest, or at least, get a buyer’s agent. That way, you will not have the burden of hustling through numerous house inspection that is impossible to fit in your schedule. Buyer’s agents can also find off the market properties that you could've never heard of.

If you think that signing that dotted line will be the end of the expenses, then you should think again. After the purchase, you will still have to pay for stamp duties, valuation cost, solicitors cost, loan application fees, moving cost, transfer fees, building inspection, mortgage insurance and you might even be spending cash on new furniture, maintenance, and/or renovations. You should always have leftovers because you must consider a list of fees that you might be paying after the signing process.

Remember this always, everything inside the property during the inspections are not necessarily included like furniture. If you have fallen in love with the set up, then that is another set of cash that will flow out of your pocket. Owning your very own property will cost more than renting and you should always take these into consideration when planning.

Building inspections should always be in your mind especially when you like the property. Having a building inspection will save you hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands for problems in the property that you don’t see initially see such as pests. These inspectors aim to find faults that are in the property so don’t be stressed if they give you a long list of problems because you should only be worrying about the big problems and not the minor ones which are always easily repairable.

Remember, your health and safety should always be on top because money can be earned but if a severe fault in the property could kill, the life of that loved one can never be brought back. If you are having problems with their report, just ask them probing questions that could give you a hint on whether to go for it or not.

If your budget is not enough, then mortgage and grants will be your best friend but if you lack knowledge about how they and their rates work, they can be your nightmare. Always remember that knowledge is power, and, in these cases, you need vast knowledge. Yes, it sounds a bit boring, but would you rather be knowledgeable or pay more than what you intended for?

Let’s start with loans; mortgage can help you purchase the house of your dream but always try to have your budget under control before thinking of loans because I personally believe that the lesser you borrow, the lesser your stress will be. So as much as possible, try to borrow the smallest you can because you are at risk of financial shocks and this include the rise in interest rate and you should always have an allowance for that, or else, you will be prolonging your debts and you will pay hundreds if not thousands more than what you were paying first when you signed that contract.

There are a lot of lenders in Australia so try to talk to some of them and not just one so that you can find the best deal possible. If you have no time, try to talk to independent finance brokers with a lot of connections, that way, you can cover a lot of lenders/banks in just one meeting and not just one at a time. Also try to get vast knowledge about Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance or LMI because it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars from interest.

Now let’s talk about grants. They have been a big help especially to first home buyers but take note that it will differ from federal to federal, state to state and from one territory government to another. Just try to research about grants especially in the area of where your dream property is, and you should also try to know if you are eligible or not.

This has got to be the most important topic of this blog, money. Having enough budget will be your “go signal” into looking at properties for sale. Do not go looking for a house without a clear idea of your budget. You should always try and have the time to speak with mortgage breakers or lenders before diving in. Also try to use home loan borrowing calculators which are available online so that you will have an idea of your possible budget for house hunting.

Try to not go over budget because it is not always about the price. You might even find similar properties for a lesser value, and you might regret your decision. If you can, try to negotiate as well so that you can save extra dollars as well. Always remember that your budget is limited but the houses for sale are not limited to just one or two options.

Real Estate Agents are always there to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. Understanding their role in you search for the perfect home will be the key to house hunting with less stress. Take note of this: you will be talking to a lot of agents all throughout your journey in house hunting and if you don’t have a buyer’s agent, remember that the agent you are talking to is working for the seller and not you. These agents will be trying to get the best price for the sellers which in turn will cost you a little bit more. Having a buyer’s agent will be helpful for you because they will be working for you and your interest. Meaning, they will try to negotiate if you would like to have the property at a lesser price.

Also remember that these agents are professional, and you should take heed of what they are saying. As much as possible, if you are looking for advice, try to look for an agent who isn’t biased and will tell you everything you need to know regarding properties.