Property prices have been increasing and increasing lately and if you have an extra property or you are planning to move out, now is the right time. Selling your property now may help you gain more than what you expected but, did you know that curb appeal can add more on top of that?

If you don’t have any idea about it, find a nice and comfortable spot and read about it here:

If you don’t know what this is, curb appeal is the area of your house that people see first. This means, the front part of your property and it may encompass your door, verandah, landscape, your front yard, fence, gate, garage door, and even your mailbox.

Believe it or not but, according to research, it can increase home value up to 7% because most buyers aim for properties with high curb appeal. So whether you are planning to sell or just sprucing up your property, focusing on curb appeal can be beneficial for your gains may it be financially, or just for the sheer joy it offers.

The reason why people are enticed of properties that have high curb appeal is because of first impressions. Remember that every potential buyer has more chances of buying a property with high curb appeal because it excites them, makes them feel welcomed and comfortable at the same time and it being pleasing to the eyes eventually put their focus on that specific property.

First impressions always become a factor in helping us decide and it has more effects when people are deciding to spend large amounts of money like investing or buying their dream homes which is why as a seller, you need to make everything count.

Fences and gates has the power to enhance a house’s look. It separates your property from the busy streets of your neighbourhood and it can also make your yard look wider than it is. But, the most important part of having fences and a gate is that it can produce a sense of safety and security which is an important factor that buyers consider when buying a house. Pointing it out can become an advantage that might boost your property’s value.

Please take not that you don’t need to buy a new set of fences and gates if you already have them because it can cost a lot—even more than the value that it can add to the property. All you need to do is clean them up (power wash them if they are super dirty), fix broken parts, and paint if needed.

A very nice front yard can definitely catch the eyes of passers by and potential buyers alike. This is also a non-costly way of adding value to your property. What you can do is mow the lawn, trim the bushes and flowers, and arrange the front yard to create an aesthetic look. It can also be therapeutic and satisfactory for you at the same time but, here’s the catch, if you have not arranged your front yard, it can consume a lot of your time and it may not be enough if you only thought about a couple of weeks before you sell your property.

So, what should happen is, if you are planning to sell your property, try beautifying your front yard bit by bit especially if you still have a job to go to everyday. You can start by mowing the lawn and making sure that there is no patch of dry land visible. You can also ask for seeds or stems from friends and family so that you can start your own garden without much cost. Like I said, this can be therapeutic and satisfactory therefore, it can also serve as a hobby or a means to let go of stress brought by work. If you have extra money, try adding finishing touches such as a mailbox if you don’t have one.

Even the door can make a big difference in raising the curb appeal for your property. Make sure that your door is unlike any other in the neighbourhood. So in order for that to happen, you should pick the right door that matches the rest of your house while having the most eye catching colour and design. Not only will It help produce a good results but it can also help your property to stand out. You may also consider adding a new, shiny knocker or door knob.

If you do not intend to buy a new door, you could always look for other things you could do to beautify it. Clean it first and check for termite infestations, and if you see no other problems, just leave it be or paint it with a new colour.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money for you windows, curtains and blinders. Just make sure that those windows and blinders are wiped well and stain-free, and make sure that the frames of those windows are looking polished and new. As for the curtains, make sure that you use the best curtains that matches your property’s color scheme on the day of the open house as well and even these small actions can bring a lot for the whole house’s value.

A house should look decent and presentable especially for the days of the open house. These days will be critical as potential buyers come in and will take everything into consideration and you should keep in mind that patchy, bubbly, old, and flaky paints on the fences, walls, and etc. will decrease the value of your property even if it has the best structure in the neighbourhood. Never ever forget how paint can change of any property you want to sell. It is like a canvas and you are the painter; you can create an illusion, and hide some things out of plain sight. If it is done very well, you can increase the price of the property you are trying to sell.

Since we are talking about curb appeal now, the outside look of your house will play a big part on the first impressions your potential buyers will have and trust me, you don’t want them to be dissatisfied prior to entering your property. So, you need to paint those walls and make sure you do it properly and neatly. Also make sure that you remove the flaky and bubbly parts of paint on those walls, railings, or fences before you paint them and most importantly, make sure that the paint matches the theme of that you are planning for the whole property. Take note that you don’t need to hire a professional to paint those walls, all you need is to have the knowledge needed to have a beautiful outcome for those parts of the house.

If you have a verandah or a porch on your property, renovations may cause a lot but it can also be a key to increasing your curb appeal. If your verandah or porch looks dull and old, just try to fix it by cleaning first and then applying a new paint colour and then try to put out and inviting feeling by placing comfy chairs and maybe even a table. If you have time, try to add a vase and some flowers within the area and make sure that they smell nice and fresh (you can pick them from the flowers that are around the area to save money as well.)

This part should always be the first that comes to mind if you are planning to sell your property. You should know how much will it cost you for repairs, maintenance and even replacing things that if need be. This is where you might spend a lot of money on and to avoid that, please maintain the good condition by cleaning from time to time. Keep an eye for possible infestations that might be on your property.

One of the many possible infestations you might want to check are termites because they can reproduce and damage wood railings or your door in such a small amount of time. Another thing to look out for are moulds on surfaces because it is a major health hazard and you could end up loosing all your potential buyers because of it. Lastly, rats and cockroaches and that doesn’t even need any explanation because you don’t want to have them around the time potential buyers walk in. Never forget that potential buyers will be looking on the condition of every part of the house and having even just a new born rat or a broken fence can lead to a loss of buyer. Also make sure that you power wash everything including the floor and pathways.

Having a neat and clean looking property can really add up to the curb appeal of your property. Buyers always look at how well you take care of the property and you want them to feel that you take good care of the property. What you are going to do is start sweeping those leaves on the yard if there are. You also need to remove weeds from the yard. Remove clutters and piles of anything that you have lying around. Try wiping those windows, railings on the verandah, door, fence, and gate as well. Make sure everything looks polished as well.

Colour schemes, and architectural designs are big contributors in catching the attention of people. Look at the property as a whole and make sure that everything you do to your exterior makes a lot of sense. It should also look uniformed and well thought-out. And no, you don’t necessarily need to spend cash to do so, and you should not incorporate so much designs such as statues as well because it may look messy giving you minus points on curb appeal.

This part simply means that you should try to to arrange the property in such a way that everything compliments one other. Having it this way could create a uniform, pretty and inviting look. It should also be applied to the colour of the paint, the flowers you plant and the designs of everything. You also need to keep in mind that it doesn’t always mean that you should spend a lot of money. If you subtract the amount you spent on the earnings you will get and it will show that you got a lesser value prior to making changes, then you just spent your money for the next owners and not for your gains. As much as possible, try to think of simple ways and cheaper alternatives to beautify your property if you just aim to sell it. If you aim to do it for yourself and your family, then go ahead and spend a little more. Maybe try to purchase a paint colour that stands out of the neighbourhood’s colour palette and is very eye-catchy. Also maybe try planting flowers that can catch people’s attention. You should give importance to the impact of catching people’s attention because maybe after a week or so, your property might become the talk of the town. Just make sure that they talk about your property in because it is pretty, neat, and marvellous and not the other way around.