Selling a property is not an easy and quick process as it may seem to be. The hassle of cleaning, repairing, repainting, and preparing your property before opening it for people to see will consume so much of your time and maybe even money but, not everything should matter. So, for this week’s blog, I have prepared a list of tips on where to focus, what to do and how things should be done in order to increase the curb appeal of your home may it be for selling, or just for the sheer joy it can give you.

Making your property as pleasing to the eyes as possible can really make people fall in love with it. Standing out is important because potential buyers and investors have a lot of properties to choose from. In all actuality, there are more than a thousand properties for sale at any given time in the entirety of Australia so, making your property stand out for all the right reasons can decrease the selling period of your property all while squeezing the maximum amount you can get out of it because the longer the property stays on the market, the more chances it decreases in value.

The quality of a property’s exterior will play a big role in enticing more potential buyers and investors than what is expected. A property’s exterior can make or break a deal so your exterior walls need to look fresh and clean. Scrubbing is very important especially for brick, or unpainted walls because moss can grow on it. It is also needed for unmaintained walls to remove peeling, bubbly, or old paint from it. After that, you can paint it with fresh looking or vibrant paint to catch attention. It can also increase the overall appeal of the property while increasing its value as well.

Yards are not the most high-maintenance part of a property but when maintained correctly, they can add so much on top of your property’s value. Having a yard that is very pleasing to the eyes can definitely put a good first impression on your potential buyers’ minds while having a thirsty looking yard can leave a bad taste on your potential buyers’ mouths. By constantly mowing it, cleaning it, and keeping it hydrated, you can make a beautiful yard with healthy looking grass. Try to keep weeds out so that your yard would not be ruined and if you want, you can plant flowers and beautify it.

The neatness and cleanliness of one property is a must if you are selling a property. It’s cleanliness and neatness are vital to be able to attract potential buyers from everywhere. Potential buyers will be distracted by dirt and piles of trash lying around the property and it might even be the reason for you to lose potential buyers. The worst part is it might even decrease the value of your property by a lot. So, start sweeping the floors, scrub the toilets and sinks wipe dust, clear the property of any trash and dispose all of them. Simple cleaning like these will help you find the best buyer in a short amount of time.

Depreciation is one thing that we all cannot stop. It happens to everything over time. From the smallest item in the house up to the whole building, nothing is safe from depreciation and, it will also mean that they are more likely going to decrease in value. So, if you want to maximize earnings on your property, might as well repair everything  that needs repairing. Start replacing those broken tiles and fix the sinks and make sure there are no leaks. Also check for chips on walls, counter tops, doors, and the likes. Just make sure that your property is in pristine condition and that will be a turning point in the value of your property.

Newly painted properties have much more advantage than their counterparts. Newly painted properties tend to catch more attention which means they can sell faster. They can also add value to your properties by hundreds and even thousands if you are able to choose the best paint colour that suits your property the best. The best possible way for this to happen is to hire a painter since they most likely studied the colour wheel and how it affects house designs.

The colour schemes and patterns that is applied to your property can be a game changer for you. Your property’s price can increase by a lot. Even by just painting  your door into a darker tone or just black can increase your property’s value. Having the same paint colour for the whole house and using accent colours can create a connection and unity into the whole property making it more appealing to the eyes. Also try adding patterns to create a playful take on beauty and that will certainly add value to your property.

Neutral and dark colours have been extremely popular around Australia lately and having a property in such colour scheme will help you entice potential buyers. Matching neutral and dark colours with those fun and playful patterns will also increase the value of your property.

Good lighting does not necessarily add value but, it can catch people’s attention. House lights will play a big role especially for night-time inspections. Proper lighting can make or break a showing so as much as possible, try to maximize the use of house lights.

Having a good placement of windows for natural lighting will play play a big role in enticing those potential buyers who love their daily dose of sunlight. According to experts, the best directions for window placements in Australia are those that face north. It is considered as the best direction for windows to face because it can maximize heat gain during the winter and minimize heat gain in summer. The Sun is also located on the northern side of Australia because it is located on the south of the equator. This means that the Sun rises in the northeast while it sets on the north-western part of Australia. This also means that windows facing north will get more sunlight during the day than south facing windows.  So, if you would like to, you can spend a little bit to be able to put windows on the north-facing part of your property.

Staging a property is usually a professional’s work because it is vital for potential buyers and investors to see how the property will look but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hiring a professional can cost you because they will make the property look more inviting and ready for moving in, and they can command a higher value for properties. With proper research and the right furniture, you too can stage your property like a professional. Not only can you increase its value, but you can also save money from not hiring a professional.

In staging, everything should be taken into consideration. You need to make sure that everything should have a certain connection for the property to look connected and intact. First thing that you should take note is that staging is important, but you don’t have to spend a lot. Staging on important parts of the property such as bedrooms, kitchen and living rooms are where it will matter the most. Having a neutral-coloured paint on the property will help in highlighting the assets of every room. It can help accentuate the contents of the property including furniture, murals, and the likes. You also need to put fresh plants or decors on the property’s interior to create a lively, inviting, and fresh vibe towards the property. Decluttering and making the spaces look wide will be vital as well because people want wide looking properties. You would also want to make it look like it is owned by the buyers and not yourself. Remove those picture frames and personalized decors to help them connect with the property better.

Having very inviting, and cosy bedrooms  are important especially for the master’s bedroom. Today’s home buyers are very keen on having the best master’s bedroom because they would personally want it to be a sanctuary and a get away from the business of life and work outside the four corners of that room. Although preferences vary from one potential buyer to another, it will not diminish the fact that most of them want the best master’s bedroom possible.

Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the spots in a house where people inspect the longest. Ugly and dirty bathrooms may put off potential buyers. It is expected to be one of the cleanest spots because bathrooms are prone to microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and pathogens if left unattended. If people see that your bathroom is dirty, it may become a red flag and you might lose potential buyers. So, start scrubbing that bathroom and make it look neat and clean as possible because you don’t need a professional to get the job done. You just need to make time for it.

Kitchens are where people tend to become more meticulous in inspections. This has a lot of reasons behind it. They might love to cook and just want to check if they can enjoy in the size of the kitchen area or, they might check for moulds and other hazards that may be lurking around. First thing you need to do is look for those moulds. Check below the sink or any wooden parts of the kitchen that has been constantly exposed to water because moulds typically grow on those areas. Also check for cockroaches, rats, and other pest infestations because they usually start from leftover foods, or improper disposal of food waste. Always keep in mind that having a well-maintained bathroom and kitchen can add value to your property. Also remember that cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are easy tasks and if you know how to do it, you could save money rather than if you hire someone else to do so.

Although preparing a property to be sold in the future can cost a lot sometimes, you can find different ways to maximize the beauty of your property and its value all while spending lesser than the average. What does this mean? This means that you can bargain and find useful items for staging, you can research to ensure that you’re on the right path, you can release your creative side by doing it all mostly by yourself and most importantly, you can have fun with that property for the last time while preparing for the next journey with your new property. All you need is time, patience and a lot of hard work and you can have more because you did more rather than spend more.